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Spark Spread (NTNU-Engage)

This work package focuses on spreading Spark*. Spark* is a free student-to-student mentoring service started at NTNU. The organization focuses on offering mentoring for students, and through this mentoring building, the entrepreneurial mindset and skillset among the students. This concept is found to be quite valuable at NTNU, with 570 student projects that have been

mentored since the beginning of 2014 (2021). After the success at Spark* for NTNU, we are now working on spreading the same concept to both the University of Gdansk and the University of Split to hopefully build even more students entrepreneurs in the future.

Through the duration of the workpack, some resources have been made. You can download them here.

A handbook that can be used to get students started on how to be a student mentor

A handbook that can be used to set up a  student-to-student mentoring service

Previous work

Spreading Spark* to Gdansk and Split

Part one
Workshops with students

In part one of the workpack, students in Gdansk and Split participated in a workshop. The workshop had one theoretical part and one hands-on part. In the theoretical part, the students learned about how Spark* works at NTNU and the surrounding system. They also learned about how to mentor other students, and how to set up their own organization. In the practical part the students tried to mentor each other through a case.

Part two
Individual guidance sessions

After the workshops, all the students that participated got the opportunity to get one on one mentoring. The students could use the time to ask about things they found difficult to understand, or wanted to know more about.

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