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Gdansk Event

Oppdatert: 8. mar. 2023

In December it was finally time for Spark* Gdansk to host their very first event. The team from Engage got the chance to travel to Gdansk to help out with the event, and also continue to further develop Spark* Gdansk. As a part of the EU-funded CHIC project, Spark* as a concept is being spread to both Gdansk and Split. This time it was our turn to visit the Gdansk team. The trip was an interesting insight into the development of Spark* Gdansk. It was also, as always, inspiring to meet the hardworking people that are currently building the organization, both students and faculty.

On the very first day in Gdansk we had the oppurtunity to present the Spark* concept for faculty at the University of Gdansk, including the Prorector for Cooperation and Development. This lead to intresting conversations on why Spark* is a sucsess, where the students involvment was a big part of the discussion. We also discussed the importance of cooperation across borders, and how we could continue the cooperation to further help the Spark* concept grow, both at the University of Gdansk, and at the Norwegian University of Technology and Science.

We continued our day by having lunch, and bonding with the students that run Spark* Gdansk. After lunch we started preparing for the event that the students had carefully planned out. We collected all the merch including pens, t-shirts, hoodies and flash drives, and headed over to the university where the event was hosted. After rigging the event, we walked around campus to talk with students about Spark*, innovation and entrepreneurship. We met many people who were intrigued by the concept even when being approached by several eager norwegians dying to talk about student innovation.

After recruiting more participants, it was finally time for the event! The Gdansk team had prepared a great programme were both Spark* organizations were able to present themselves.

Several student startups also got the chance to tell their inspiring stories on how they succeded with their startups while they were students. The three student startups that pitched their ideas Spotless, Barter and StudyBuddy all had succeded with their business concepts, and combining the role of being both students and entrepreneurs, and inspired other interested students.

In summary Spark* Gdansk’s first event was a success gathering students, faculties and other partners in Gdansk’s innovation ecosystem all excited to see future student entrepreneurs succeed. Students were introduced to the Spark* concept for the very first time, and were inspired to persue their business idea. Spark* Gdansk also managed to fin their newest team member at the event!

The second day focused on internal workshops in order to improve the internal structure of their organizsation. The first workshop focused on creating an ideal organization structure for Spark* Gdansk including organization of the team, future goal setting and structuring of the organization. The second workshop focused on marketing, and enforcing the creative marketing mindset among the team.

The trip was in sum a great success, and we are excited to continue the further development of Spark* Gdansk.


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