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CHIC consortium meet at NTNU Trondheim, Norway

In June 2022 Engage NTNU invited participants from Croatia, France and Malta to Trondheim to discuss the CHIC project - Creating Holistic Innovation Capacity. The project includes NTNU; Nord University; University of Malta, University of Gdansk, University of Brest and the University of Split, with the intention to share impactful innovation and entrepreneurship capacity-building activities with the other higher education institutions in the consortium.

After a long period of zoom-calls, everyone finally got to meet up during some sunny days in the heart of Trondheim.

The days in Trondheim were well spent as we kicked off the consortium meet with a tour on campus Gløshaugen, followed up by introductions from some of the student driven entrepreneurial associations at NTNU. We were pleased to hear introductions from Spark* NTNU, Start and Fram before we did a team building exercise to figure out who, among all these clever people, would survive at the moon. And of course we had to provide the winning team of the NASA Moon Survival exercise with some real Norwegian chocolate.

Day two consisted of presentations from the team behind the spreading of Spark* also known as CHIC NTNU team. Later on we got to hear the inspiring story of Spark* Split and how they have been growing into their roles the last semester. The rest of the day was spent in groups where the CHIC work package leaders got to present their projects to the rest and the students spent some hours workshopping on value creation and further development of Spark*.

The very same evening the whole group visited Munkholmen to experience another part Trondheim before we went to Troll restaurant for a delightful dinner.

2nd of June was the last day of our Consortium Meet and we wrapped it all up with a joint workshop focusing on how we can keep our projects running sustainably and independently going into the future.

We have received positive feedback and have great memories from these three days. Additionally, we have a strong belief that this gathering will promote future work collaboration and mutual understanding of each others projects. This was a success, and can´t wait to do it even better next time.

Text: Victoria Jenserud


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