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CHIC consortium meet in Malta

In May 2023 University of Malta invited participants from NTNU, Nord University, University of Brest, University of Gdansk, and University of Split to a consortium meet in Valletta. The purpose of this event was to delve into the CHIC project process, spanning for its initial stages to its ultimate completion, and explore the notion of transferability.

The first day in Malta commenced with two team-building exercises, which took place on the beautiful campus of Valletta. These activities provided an opportunity for the participants to get to know each other better and foster a sense of unity among them. Following this, the theme for the day revolved around “Looking back- where have we been” Where we had a workshop and reflected around the journey of the CHIC project. After lunch, each of the work packages presented their progress and findings. The day was ended with a city tour of Valletta, followed by a delightful dinner.

On the second day, the focus shifted to “Looking forward- Where are we going” The participants engaged in a workshop that centered on the transferability and dissemination of the CHIC project, exploring how its outcomes and learnings could be effectively shared and applied in other contexts. Moreover, the partners discussed the potential for future collaborations, aiming to continue their association beyond the project’s completion.

The trip proved to be highly successful, enabling the participants to prepare for the end-of-project report and consolidate their finding through these meaningful discussions and collaborative activities. The shared experiences and knowledge gained during this gathering fosters a strong foundation for future endeavors and collaborations among the participating institutions.


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